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CIBO Technologies, The DeLong Co., Inc. Partner to Expand Access to Regenerative Agriculture Programs

by Beuuy Sanga
  • Increased access to regenerative agriculture programs: The partnership will connect DeLong’s farmers with financial incentives that support regenerative practices like reduced tillage and cover cropping.
  • Streamlined enrollment process: CIBO’s platform simplifies the application process for these programs, saving farmers time and effort.
  • Benefits for all parties involved: Farmers get financial rewards, DeLong strengthens its sustainability profile, and CIBO expands its reach in regenerative agriculture.
  • Focus on a more sustainable future: This collaboration aims to make American agriculture more profitable while reducing its environmental impact.

CIBO Technologies, a leader in climate software for agriculture, and The DeLong Co., Inc., a family-run grain, agronomy, and export company, have announced a multi-year strategic partnership to significantly expand access to regenerative agriculture programs for farmers across the United States.

The DeLong Company is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices throughout its supply chain. By partnering with CIBO, they will leverage CIBO’s Impact Platform to connect their grower network with public and private programs that incentivize regenerative agriculture practices.

“We’re always looking for new ways to promote farmland resilience and sustainability,” said Chris DeLong, President of The DeLong Co., Inc. “Teaming up with CIBO enables us to broaden farmer access to regenerative agriculture programs, cutting carbon emissions, improving soil health, and harnessing financial incentives.”

CIBO’s Impact Platform will streamline the process for DeLong’s growers by:

Identifying and qualifying for programs: Helping farmers find and qualify for relevant regenerative agriculture incentive programs.
Pre-qualifying land
: Using digital tools to assess land eligibility for programs.
Simplifying enrollment: Streamlining the enrollment process for incentive programs.
Monitoring progress and generating income: Allowing farmers to track their progress in regenerative practices and access financial rewards.

This partnership is expected to benefit all parties involved. Farmers will gain easier access to financial incentives that support their transition to regenerative practices. The DeLong Company will strengthen its commitment to sustainability and potentially unlock new opportunities with downstream customers focused on reducing emissions. CIBO Technologies will further its mission of accelerating the adoption of regenerative agriculture across the US.
We are thrilled to partner with The DeLong Co., Inc. to empower their growers and unlock the potential of regenerative agriculture,” said Daniel Ryan, CEO of CIBO Technologies. “Together, we can create a more sustainable and profitable future for American agriculture.”

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About CIBO Technologies
CIBO Technologies is a climate software company that helps farmers, food companies, and brands embrace regenerative agriculture practices. Their Impact Platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to facilitate program development, grower enrollment, verification, and carbon credit generation. CIBO is a recognized leader in the agtech space, being named a finalist for the 2023 Bold Award and listed among TIME’s Top 100 GreenTech Companies in America in 2024.

About The DeLong Co., Inc.
The DeLong Co., Inc. is a family-owned and operated grain, agronomy, and export company headquartered in Clinton, Wisconsin. With 38 locations across the United States network, they are committed to providing their growers with the tools and resources they need to succeed. The DeLong Company is a trusted advisor to farmers and actively promotes sustainable practices.

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