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Agritech Business Wins Milken-Motsepe Prize In Green Energy

by Beuuy Sanga
  • Agritech company Aftrak wins the Milken-Motsepe Prize for its innovative green solution.
  • Solar Power for All: Aftrak’s microgrids bring clean energy to remote areas, boosting development.
  • Triple Threat: Custom tractors & solar power help farmers triple yields, improving food security and income.
  • Green Future: Aftrak’s win highlights the power of agritech for a sustainable and prosperous Africa.

Los Angeles, California – May 8th 2024. In a win for innovation at the intersection of agriculture and clean energy, Aftrak, a UK and Malawi-based agritech company, has been awarded the prestigious $1 million Milken-Motsepe Prize in Green Energy.

The Milken Institute and the Motsepe Foundation established the prize to recognize groundbreaking solutions that expand access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy, particularly in off-grid regions of Africa. Aftrak’s unique approach impressed the jury with its ability to tackle multiple challenges simultaneously.

A Winning Combination: Solar Power Meets Sustainable Farming

Aftrak’s winning strategy hinges on two key components:
• Solar Microgrids: The company designs and deploys easily assembled solar microgrids that bring clean and dependable electricity to remote communities. This empowers residents, opens doors for new businesses, and improves the overall quality of life.

• Customised Tractors: Aftrak doesn’t stop at electrification. They also design and manufacture tractors specifically tailored for the agricultural needs of the region. These tractors are optimized for efficiency, leading to a significant boost in agricultural productivity.

The impact of Aftrak’s solution is far-reaching:
• Tripled Crop Yields: By providing access to reliable power and improved farming techniques, Aftrak is helping farmers grow substantially more food. This enhances food security and empowers farmers with the potential to increase their incomes.

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• Empowering Rural Communities: The solar microgrids bring much-needed electricity to off-grid communities, enabling activities like lighting, irrigation, and even internet connectivity. This opens doors for education, communication, and economic development.

A Well-Deserved Win for Green Innovation

Aftrak’s victory at the Milken-Motsepe Prize is a testament to the power of agritech to address not only food security but also clean energy access.
Their innovative approach demonstrates how these two sectors can work together to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for African communities.

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