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Join AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria 2024: Win $40,000 for Agritech Innovation

by Beuuy Sanga
  • ·  AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria 2024 offers $40,000 to the winner, supporting young agritech leaders.
  • ·  More Than Money: Challenge provides mentorship, resources, and industry connections to help young innovators thrive.
  • ·  National & Regional Impact: Win funding in Nigeria and contribute to Africa’s agricultural transformation.
  • ·  Apply Now! Calling young Nigerian agritech entrepreneurs making a difference for smallholder farmers.

Heifer Nigeria is excited to launch the AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria 2024, an enterprise development program designed to empower young agritech entrepreneurs and nurture innovative solutions that are transforming African agriculture for smallholder farmers.

Building on the success of the 2022 and 2023 editions, this year’s AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria offers even greater rewards.

The grand prize has been doubled to a staggering $40,000, showcasing Heifer International’s deepened commitment to supporting agritech innovation and youth leadership in Nigeria.

A Springboard for Agritech Innovation
The AYuTe Africa Challenge goes beyond just grants. It provides a comprehensive support system to help chosen ventures grow and flourish. This includes mentorship, business development resources, and the opportunity to connect with key players in the industry.

AyuTe Africa

National Impact, Regional Recognition
The Nigerian competition is part of a wider AYuTe Africa Challenge initiative, awarding up to US$1.5 million each year to leading agritech innovators across Africa. National competitions like this one provide tens of thousands of dollars in funding and support to young entrepreneurs, helping them translate their ideas into meaningful change for smallholder farmers across the country.

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Who Can Apply?
If you’re a CEO or co-founder of a Nigerian agritech company that is making a real difference for smallholder farmers, then this challenge might be for you.

Apply Here

The program is open to early-stage and growth-stage businesses with innovative solutions.

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