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DJI Introduces the Newest Innovations in Precision Agriculture

by Rafiat Damilola Ogunyemi
  • DJI’s latest innovations in precision agriculture, such as the Agras T50 and Agras T25 drones, offer unmatched efficiency, enabling farmers to cover larger areas in less time while delivering precise agricultural interventions.
  • The Agras T50 and Agras T25 drones are designed to cater to a wide range of agricultural needs, from spraying pesticides and fertilisers to spreading seeds and granules, providing farmers with versatile tools to address various challenges in crop management.
  • DJI’s drones incorporate advanced technologies such as dual-rotor designs, high-capacity payloads, and smart application management systems, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness in agricultural operations.
  • By improving precision and reducing chemical usage, DJI’s precision agriculture drones contribute to sustainable farming practices, helping farmers improve yields, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact.

DJI, renowned worldwide for pioneering civilian drones and revolutionary camera technology, has unveiled two cutting-edge drones: the Agras T50 and Agras T25.

These latest additions to the Agras drone series mark another significant stride towards advancing agricultural efficiency and sustainability.

At the forefront of innovation, the Agras T50 sets a new standard for efficiency and reliability in large-scale agriculture. Engineered with precision and expertise, it boasts a coaxial dual-rotor design and impressive 54-inch propellers, ensuring unparalleled stability while carrying substantial payloads of up to 40kg for spraying or 50kg for spreading.

This groundbreaking capability enables the T50 to cover up to 50 acres (21 hectares) per hour, revolutionising the pace and efficiency of aerial applications

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DJI Introduces the Newest Innovations in Precision Agriculture
Image Source: Drone

Equipped with a dual atomization spraying system, the T50 delivers an increased flow rate of up to 16 litres per minute, along with adjustable-sized spray droplets, catering to diverse agricultural needs, from vast fields to sprawling orchards.

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Its seamless transition to a spreading configuration further enhances its versatility, capable of carrying 50kg of dry granules and spreading at an impressive flow rate of up to 108 kg/min1 or 1.5 tonnes per hour1.

With this blend of power, precision, and adaptability, the Agras T50 emerges as the premier choice for modern agricultural operations, designed to meet the dynamic challenges of contemporary farming practices.

Complementing its larger counterpart, the Agras T25 offers enhanced portability without compromising on performance. Engineered for smaller fields and agile maneuverability, the T25 is designed to meet the needs of farmers operating in compact spaces, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Both the Agras T50 and Agras T25 seamlessly integrate with the upgraded SmartFarm app, providing farmers with powerful tools for comprehensive aerial application management.

With intuitive features and advanced functionalities, the SmartFarm app streamlines operations, enhances decision-making, and optimises resource utilisation, empowering farmers to achieve greater productivity and sustainability in their agricultural endeavours.

“As a global leader in agriculture technology, we are dedicated to driving precision agriculture forward with our latest DJI Agras drones for spraying and spreading,” remarked Yuan Zhang, Head of Global Sales at DJI Agriculture.

“With over 980 million acres treated worldwide across more than 100 countries and regions, our proven solutions empower family farmers and large-scale growers alike to improve yields, reduce chemical usage, and minimise environmental impact, fostering a more sustainable future for agriculture.”

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