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DJI Agriculture Partners with Integrated Aerial Precision to Revolutionise Agritech in Nigeria

by Kehinde Giwa
  • DJI Agriculture, a division of global drone leader DJI, partners with Nigeria-based Integrated Aerial Precision (IAP) to advance agricultural innovation in Nigeria.
  • Integrated Aerial Precision (IAP) specialises in drone sales, maintenance, training, and consulting for agriculture, aiming to empower farmers with cutting-edge technology.
  • The collaboration focuses on deploying state-of-the-art drone solutions to boost productivity and sustainability in Nigeria’s agriculture sector.
  • DJI’s recent launch of Agras T50 and Agras T25 drones aligns with the partnership, showcasing a commitment to revolutionising precision agriculture in Nigeria and beyond.

In a bold move to accelerate agricultural innovation in Nigeria, DJI Agriculture, a division of the renowned global drone manufacturer DJI, has forged a strategic partnership with Integrated Aerial Precision (IAP), a pioneering Agritech company based in Nigeria. 

This collaboration aims to bring cutting-edge drone technology solutions to farmers and agriculture stakeholders across the country.

Integrated Aerial Precision is recognised for its commitment to empowering the agricultural sector with state-of-the-art drone solutions. The company specialises in drone sales, maintenance, repair, training, and professional consulting services tailored to agricultural needs.

Through this strategic alliance, DJI and Integrated Aerial Precision are poised to transform the landscape of agriculture in Nigeria and beyond. DJI emphasised that the partnership signifies a pivotal step towards leveraging digital technologies to revolutionise farming practices, enhance productivity, and promote sustainability in the agricultural sector.

The partnership announcement comes shortly after DJI unveiled its latest innovations in drone technology. On May 2, Agritech Digest reported the launch of the Agras T50 and Agras T25 drones by DJI. 

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These advanced additions to the Agras drone series are designed to further enhance agricultural efficiency and sustainability, showcasing DJI’s ongoing commitment to driving innovation in precision agriculture.

With DJI’s global expertise in drone manufacturing combined with Integrated Aerial Precision’s local agritech insights and services, this partnership is set to empower Nigerian farmers with transformative tools and knowledge to optimise crop management, monitor livestock, and revolutionise agricultural practices for a sustainable future.

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