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Krishi Mangal Accelerator: Boosting Agri-Tech Innovations.

by Beuuy Sanga

The Krishi Mangal Accelerator program, a collaborative effort between Cisco India CSR and Social Alpha, addresses this challenge by empowering smallholder farmers with innovative technologies.

Focus on Scale-Up and Impact
Launched in 2021, Krishi Mangal is an 18-month program designed to propel established agritech startups. By providing crucial support, the program helps these ventures refine their solutions and scale their reach to a wider base of smallholder farmers.

Key Program Offerings:

Grant Funding: Financial assistance to accelerate growth and field implementation.

Market Access: Leveraging Social Alpha’s network to connect startups with farmers and industry partners.

Go-to-Market Support: Guidance on developing effective marketing strategies and business plans.

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Fundraising Assistance: Help with crafting compelling pitches and connecting with potential investors.

Mentorship: Valuable insights and advice from industry experts and Cisco professionals.

Measurable Success:

The Krishi Mangal program has already demonstrated a significant impact. Its two editions have supported over 12 startups, impacting more than 40,000 small and marginal farmers.

This translates to increased farm incomes, job creation in rural areas, and a more resilient agricultural sector.

Recent Achievements:
The program’s second edition, which concluded in June 2024, focused on seven promising agritech ventures.

These startups offered solutions in various areas, including soil health, water management, and crop management. Each startup received a comprehensive support package, enabling them to refine their technologies and expand their reach.

Looking Ahead:
The Krishi Mangal Accelerator program exemplifies how innovation and collaboration can empower smallholder farmers and build a more sustainable agricultural future.

With its commitment to supporting agritech startups, Krishi Mangal is paving the way for a more prosperous and climate-resilient agricultural sector.

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