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Kenyan Agritech Firm Silo Africa Wins Second Place at AYuTe NextGen Challenge

by Beuuy Sanga
  • Kenyan Agritech Wins Big: Silo Africa, a Kenyan company founded by Eliud Rugut, clinched second place at the inaugural AYuTe NextGen competition held in Rwanda…
  • Silo Africa’s solutions empower smallholder farmers by minimizing post-harvest losses and safeguarding their crops from the
  • Launched in 2024 by Heifer International, the AYuTe NextGen Challenge aims to identify and celebrate young African agri-entrepreneurs with transformative ideas
  • Reimagining Africa’s Agriculture: The AYuTe NextGen Challenge fosters a new generation of agricultural entrepreneurs and underscores the significance

Silo Africa, a Kenyan agritech company founded by Eliud Rugut, has secured second place at the prestigious AYuTe NextGen Challenge held in Kigali, Rwanda.

The AYuTe NextGen competition, launched in 2024 by Heifer International, is a youth-oriented initiative designed to spur a technological revolution within Africa’s agricultural sector.

It seeks to identify and celebrate young agri-entrepreneurs whose innovations hold promise for transforming the continent’s agricultural landscape.

Silo Africa’s innovative approach impressed the judges, earning them the runner-up position. The company provides smallholder farmers with access to digitised grain silos.

This technology not only mitigates post-harvest losses, a significant challenge for African farmers, but also safeguards their livelihoods from the detrimental effects of climate change.

The AYuTe NextGen Challenge gathering, held under the theme “Reimagining Africa’s Agriculture in the Next 50 Years,” brought together key stakeholders from across the continent, including government officials, global representatives, and regional experts.

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The event served as a platform to inspire a new generation of young African agricultural entrepreneurs and innovators, shaping a forward-looking vision for the future of agriculture on the continent.

Silo Africa’s achievement highlights the growing importance of agritech solutions in addressing the challenges faced by African farmers.

Their recognition at the AYuTe NextGen Challenge serves as a testament to the ingenuity and potential of young African innovators in transforming the continent’s agricultural sector.

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