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Berlin Biotech Startup Cultimate Foods Secures €2.3 Million to Revolutionize Plant-Based Meat

by Beuuy Sanga
  • Berlin-based biotech startup Cultimate Foods secures €2.3 million to revolutionize the plant-based meat market.
  •   The funding fuels the development of their unique fat ingredient, designed to deliver real meat’s mouthwatering taste and texture in plant-based alternatives.
  • This innovation bridges the flavour gap, potentially attracting meat-eaters who miss the sensory experience of meat to delicious and sustainable plant-based options.
  • Cultimate Foods aims to tackle climate change and unethical intensive farming practices through its innovative approach to plant-based meat.

Cultimate Foods, a Berlin-based biotechnology company, has successfully raised €2.3 million in seed funding. This investment will fuel the development of their innovative fat ingredient designed to deliver the taste and texture of real meat in plant-based alternatives.

The funding round was led by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), a prominent European seed investor. They were joined by Life Science Valley Wachstumsfonds, b. value AG, and Kale United.

Cultimate Foods was founded in 2022 with the mission of addressing the environmental and ethical concerns surrounding intensive animal farming. Their solution lies in science. By creating a game-changing fat ingredient,

they aim to bridge the gap between plant-based and real meat experiences.

This could significantly increase the appeal of vegetarian and vegan options for consumers who miss the taste and texture of meat.

“Science is the key to addressing many of the problems caused by the food industry,” said Eugenia Sagué, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Cultimate Foods.

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Through innovative technology, we can deliver the meaty flavours consumers crave while simultaneously cutting down on unethical intensive animal farming and tackling climate change by reducing CO2 emissions.

Scaling Up for a Delicious Future.

The €2.3 million will be used to scale up Cultimate Foods’ production processes and expand commercial partnerships and operations. This will allow them to bring their revolutionary fat ingredient to market sooner, potentially leading to a more sustainable and delicious future for the food industry.

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