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AGCO Tech Days 2024: Revolutionising Crop Cycle Management for Mixed Fleets Worldwide

by Rafiat Damilola Ogunyemi
AGCO Tech Days 2024: Revolutionising Crop Cycle Management for Mixed Fleets Worldwide
  • AGCO Tech Days 2024 aims to provide farmer-focused solutions for mixed fleets, offering a range of technologies and machines that cater to different farmer needs and preferences .
  • The event showcases AGCO’s precision agriculture portfolio, including its PTx brand, which offers precision technologies and innovative solutions for farmers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
  • AGCO Tech Days 2024 highlights the company’s mixed fleet and retrofit-first approach, demonstrating technology solutions that can serve various brands and models of equipment, making crop cycle management more efficient and sustainable.
  • The event aims to revolutionize crop cycle management for mixed fleets worldwide, with AGCO’s portfolio and solutions available to farmers across the globe, promoting sustainable and smart farming practices.

AGCO Corporation, a global leader in agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, will host its annual Tech Days event in North America on June 26 and 27, 2024.

This year’s event will showcase innovative solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers with mixed fleets worldwide.

AGCO’s commitment to farmer-focused solutions is evident in its distinguished brand portfolio, which includes Fendt®, Massey Ferguson®, Valtra, and the newly introduced PTx. These brands offer unique value propositions, strategically positioned to serve various industry segments.

The company’s vision is to provide industry-leading, smart farming solutions that prioritise farmers’ needs.

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AGCO North America Tech Day 2023 in Kentucky

The Tech Days event will highlight the importance of managing mixed fleets and will feature cutting-edge machines and technology, including the Fendt Rogator® 900, Massey Ferguson 5S with PTx Trimble guidance, and Precision Planting’s Panorama™.

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Additionally, AGCO will demonstrate its fully autonomous grain cart, baler, and tillage equipment, as well as automated targeted spraying solutions.

A key feature of the event will be the integration of AGCO and Trimble’s next-generation ag technologies. These solutions cater to every season and crop, harnessing the potential of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in agriculture.

AGCO’s PTx brand represents the company’s comprehensive precision ag portfolio, building on its established equipment and technology brands.

The event will also emphasise AGCO’s mixed fleet and retrofit-first mindset, demonstrating technology solutions that can be applied to various brands and models.

This commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns with AGCO’s mission to help farmers feed the world sustainably, both now and in the future.

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