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The Biggest AgTech Deal Ever – AGCO Acquires 85% of Trimble for $2 Billion

by Victor Adeyemi

The future of farming is here! AgTech investment just hit a record high with AGCO’s massive $2 billion purchase of a major share (85%) of Trimble’s digital assets.

This isn’t the average AgTech deal – it’s the biggest ever! So, why is it crucial, and how will it impact farmers? Let’s dig in and explore!

Background of the Deal

To understand the details of this groundbreaking $2 billion deal. First, let’s get some background on the two companies involved. 

1. AGCO Corporation 


AGCO Corporation is a major player in agriculture since 1990. It has carved a niche by designing, building, and distributing agricultural machinery.

In recent years, the company has shown a strong commitment to integrate technology into their equipment.  

This commitment is further demonstrated by its acquisitions of smaller tech companies and its focus on “precision farming” – a data-driven approach to optimise crop yields.

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In summary, here is a quick overview of AGCO Corporation:

  • Ag Solution: Manufactures & sells agricultural equipment like tractors, combines, planters (Brands: Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra) 
  • Global Market Presence: Operates globally in over 140 countries with more than 9,200 dealers worldwide. 
  • Employees: Approximately 27,900. 

2. Trimble Agriculture


Trimble Agriculture,  a division within the broader Trimble Inc. has been a leading tech company since 1978. It has also established itself as a major innovator in the agricultural market. 

Its global network focuses on developing and selling cutting-edge solutions for precision agriculture. AGCO’s acquisition is focused solely on acquiring these agricultural assets.

Here is a brief overview of Trimble Agriculture: 

  • Ag Solution: Provides technology solutions for agriculture like GPS guidance systems, data management tools, and software to empower farmers around the world. 
  • Global Market Presence: Operating in over 70 countries, Trimble Agriculture has a network of over 2,400 independent distribution points.
  • Employees: Approximately 900 employees. 
  • Financial Profile: In its 2023 earnings, Trimble reported $508.2 million in ag revenue. 

Nature of the Deal  

Now, let’s dissect the nature of this agreement.

Image source: AGCO

When AGCO acquires Trimble Agriculture, they are not buying the entire company. Instead, they’re acquiring a significant portion (85%) of it’s assets specifically dedicated to agricultural technology. 

It’s called a Joint Venture (JV) – a strategic partnership where both companies combine their resources and expertise. 

Trimble retains a 15% ownership in this new entity formed through the joint venture. 

In essence, this partnership allows AGCO to access Trimble’s technology and expertise while maintaining Trimble’s brand and retail channels. 

Why the Merger Matters 

Image source: AGCO

While AGCO leads in equipment manufacturing, Trimble possesses advanced technology solutions in areas like GPS, data management, and guidance systems. 

This complementary nature creates a strong synergy, which allows AGCO to offer a more comprehensive package to farmers (farm equipment + data management tools).

Significance of the Deal to Farmers & AgTech Space 

This mega deal between AGCO and Trimble promises to shake up the farming world for the better. 

Farmers would have access to powerful new tools (JV technology) that will help them contribute massively to global food security

Furthermore, this “smart” technology could guide them in using resources like fuel, seeds, and water more efficiently. It will also offer bigger harvests and reduce food waste. 

Better still? The deal could benefit the environment, as the tech is eco-friendly and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Wrap Up  

With the promise of smarter equipment, streamlined experiences for farmers, and better precision farming, the AGCO-Trimble deal has the potential to revolutionise the agricultural industry. 

So, buckle up, farmers! The future of agriculture is about to get more high-tech! 

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