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Zilliant Modernises Pricing for AGCO Machinery

by Rafiat Damilola Ogunyemi
Zilliant Modernises Pricing for AGCO Machinery
  • Zilliant partners with AGCO to modernize pricing strategies for agricultural machinery, marking a significant advancement in the industry’s approach to pricing optimization.
  • Zilliant’s innovative platform introduces centralized and automated pricing systems, replacing manual processes and significantly enhancing efficiency in pricing decisions for AGCO’s extensive range of machinery products.
  • Zilliant enables AGCO to dynamically adjust prices based on real-time market dynamics, ensuring agility and responsiveness to changing economic conditions and customer demands.
  • By leveraging Zilliant’s expertise in dynamic pricing and data analytics, AGCO gains a competitive edge in the agricultural machinery market, empowering the company to optimize pricing strategies, increase profitability, and drive customer satisfaction.

AGCO, a global leader in agricultural equipment, is embarking on a transformative journey with Zilliant to revolutionise its pricing processes, saving valuable time and enhancing satisfaction among dealers, customers, and the sales team.

With a diverse portfolio of global brands and an extensive network of independent dealers and distributors spanning 140 countries, AGCO faces intricate pricing challenges for highly customised products with a wide array of options.

Zilliant’s advanced platform will unify pricing procedures across AGCO’s diverse brands and regions, facilitating tailored pricing strategies while enabling dynamic adjustments to reflect the fast-paced economic landscape.

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Damon Audia, AGCO’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, said; “With Zilliant, we’ve discovered a partner with unparalleled expertise in transitioning pricing from manual to centralised and automated systems. This innovative platform will modernise our approach to value-based pricing, discount utilisation, and responsiveness to the needs of our farmers and dealers.”

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Pascal Yammine, CEO of Zilliant, emphasised the synergy between Zilliant’s capabilities and AGCO’s forward-thinking digital transformation agenda, stating, “AGCO exemplifies the competitive advantage that stems from embracing dynamic pricing and digital transformation”.

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We’re confident that our tailored solutions will empower AGCO to navigate the complexities of equipment configurations and sales channel dynamics, optimising their pricing strategies for success.”

Zilliant is dedicated to placing pricing strategies at the forefront of business operations by managing the entire pricing lifecycle. Leveraging data science, cloud-native software, and a commitment to customer success, Zilliant delivers unparalleled ROI, rapid time-to-value, and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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