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Using Israeli AgriTech to Help Africa’s Poorest Farmers

by Beuuy Sanga

The Innovation Journey (IJ) program is an opportunity for cutting-edge Israeli ag-tech companies and Ethiopian agriculture ecosystem stakeholders to engage with one another and explore partnerships for piloting innovative technologies, to bring value to Ethiopia’s agriculture market and small/medium-scale farmers.

IJ is an initiative of JDC’s TOV (Tikkun Olam Ventures) agricultural development program, which leverages Israeli technology and know-how to transform the lives of small-scale farmers in Ethiopia.

IJ will complement the expansion of the TOV program in Ethiopia as it works with additional partners, in more regions, and reaches more farmers.

Eligibility Requirements

•For Ethiopian stakeholders

• Existing activity in Ethiopia with small/medium-scale farmers

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• Activity or relevance to one of our selected Focus Topics (crop protection, post-harvest, market linkages)

• Interest in technological dialogue

• Ability to conduct a pilot or collaborate in case there is a match

Availability to go through the program’s matchmaking process (4-6 hours spread over 3-4 months), including a point of contact with relevant expertise to manage communication during the program


For Ethiopian counterparts, who choose to engage in the program, offer:

• Apply for a grant of $25K to initiate a partnership*

• Convenient environment to explore relevant innovative technologies

• Achieve your goals through the incorporation of new technologies as part of your operations

• Work with innovative Israeli tech companies

Engage in dialogue with relevant partners in the field that are interested in collaborations

For more information visit Innovation Journey 4

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