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Trace Genomics & CHS Inc. Forge Arrangement for Sustainable Agricultural Solutions

by Sybil Fekurumoh
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  • Trace Genomics and CHS Inc. have formed a corporate relationship aimed at expanding collaboration in the agricultural sector.
  • Trace Genomics uses technology and machine learning to analyse soil composition.
  • CHS Inc. is a leading global agribusiness and farmer-owned cooperative in the US.
  • Through this arrangement, CHS farmers will gain access to Trace Genomics’ insights, integrated into the CHS ASA program and Major Carbon Initiative.

US-based companies, Trace Genomics and CHS Inc. have reached an arrangement to expand corporate relationships. 

Trace Genomics is a pioneer in the use of hi-definition genomics, soil science and machine learning to activate the hidden insights in soil for economic and ecosystem benefits. The company checks soil composition through the analysis of soil properties. CHS Inc. on the other hand, is a leading global agribusiness and the largest farmer-owned cooperative in the US, according to CHS Inc.’s reports. The company provides critical crop inputs, market access, and risk management services to farmers.

This expansion will offer CHS farmers access to Trace Genomics’ insights that are integrated into the CHS ASA programme, and Major Carbon Initiative (MCI). The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

In 2021, CHS launched its ASA program which integrated Trace Genomics technology, to improve pathogen and nutrient management, as well as its MCI for soil carbon-capture strategies.

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“Soil is fundamental to agriculture. Using next-generation soil genomics analysis to tell us which pests, pathogens, and beneficials, are present and at what levels, our agronomists can better serve the needs of our growers in optimising inputs and practices for sustainable production,” said Dean Hendrickson, VP of Marketing and Business Development at CHS Inc.

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Trace Genomics performs comprehensive soil biology, chemistry, and carbon testing at their Ames Innovation Center, in Iowa, US. They deliver targeted insights and actions for partners who seek to adopt modern and sustainable farming solutions. These insights are encompassed in TraceCOMPLETETM —a comprehensive package to analyse soil properties and enable agronomy solutions for pathogen, nutrient, and soil health management.

“Trace is committed to providing trusted, accurate, and timely soil insights to elevate the agronomic recommendations delivered by the team at CHS,” says Trace Genomics CEO and cofounder, Poornima Parameswaran. “With TraceCOMPLETE, we are delivering value-add, genomics-powered data for the sustainable management of agriculture’s greatest asset: soil.”

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