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ThriveAgric Aims to Increase Grain Production in Nigeria to 300,000 Tons Throughout the Year

by Victor Adeyemi
ThriveAgric Co-founders
  • ThriveAgric has started the 2023/2024 dry season farming cycle by giving out farming supplies to help over 100,000 small-scale farmers in northern Nigeria.
  • The goal is to help these farmers produce more than 300,000 metric tons of grains during this season.
  • This effort by ThriveAgric is not just about increasing food production locally but also about helping farming communities grow sustainably.

ThriveAgric, a leading agric-tech company in Nigeria, has embarked on a mission to distribute inputs to 100,000 farmers across the country. This initiative aims to increase farmer productivity, boost yields, and enhance sustainable agricultural practices within local communities.

In a statement by the company, they announced plans to support farmers with irrigation tools, resilient seeds, technology access, storage solutions, and access to high-value markets to maximise yields in the upcoming farming season.

The goal? To significantly boost grain production to over 300,000 metric tons during the upcoming 2023/24 dry season.

ThriveAgric’s approach to make this a reality involves using data-driven technologies to link smallholder farmers to funding opportunities and lucrative markets. This effort will provide farmers near water bodies with essential irrigation equipment, drought-resistant seeds, fertiliser, and crop protection products. 

Notably, farmers associated with ThriveAgric contribute at least 6.5% of grains to Nigeria’s national reserves. In their recent 2022 Impact Report, the company provided $100 million in loans to over 500,000 farmers and facilitated the production of 1.5 million metric tons of grain. 

In addition, the company has set ambitious targets to offer $500 million in credit to 10 million smallholder farmers by 2027 and aims to reach $1 billion for 20 million farmers by 2050. 

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With a focus on tackling key issues like access to quality inputs, modern farming methods, storage solutions, markets, and financial aid, sustainable agriculture and improved food security in Africa are on the horizon.

About ThriveAgric

ThriveAgric, a Nigerian agtech startup established in 2017 by Uka Eje and Ayodeji Arikawe, began as a fintech platform for small farmers. It has expanded into a full-fledged marketplace and supply chain. The company has achieved notable progress and has positively impacted more than 510,000 farmers through creative initiatives.

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