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Syngenta, Announces Syngenta Biologicals, a Uniting Forces with Valagro for Global Biologicals Domination

by Sybil Fekurumoh

In the News

  • Syngenta has announced the creation of Syngenta Biologicals, which combines in-house biologicals business with the previously acquired Valagro, to become a global player in the biologicals market.
  • Syngenta is a prominent agricultural innovation company, providing cutting-edge technology, crop protection solutions, and digital tools to support sustainable farming practices.
  • The merger offers a range of innovative products, including biofungicides, biostimulants, and biofertilisers, with plans to expand their portfolio further through collaborations and new applications.

The Story

Syngenta has announced Syngenta Biologicals, which brings together the previously acquired Valagro with its in-house biologicals business, with which it is set up for global takeover of the biologicals’ market. 

Syngenta is a leading agricultural innovation, which brings cutting-edge technology and solutions to enable crop farmers to grow productively and sustainably. Syngenta offers an array of crop protection solutions for plant and soil health. It also offers digital solutions to transform  the decision-making capabilities of farmers. Syngenta Crop Protection is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, and is part of the Syngenta Group.

Valagro is a pioneer and global leader in producing and commodifying biostimulants and specialty nutrients. Syngenta Biologicals combines Syngenta’s global reach and innovation strength, and Valagro’s established technology platform and a team of trusted technical and commercial advisors.

Since the acquisition, the two companies have closely collaborated to establish a shared base for science-based innovation. They have extensively exchanged knowledge and utilised essential capabilities to create a leading global biologicals business.

Syngenta and Valagro partnership

“Establishing the Syngenta Biologicals brand marks an exciting milestone in the evolution of our business, giving us a single identity and formalising our one-team approach in the market. Syngenta Biologicals stands for industry-leading technologies, unparalleled research expertise, and global commercial capabilities, energised by the entrepreneurial spirit and culture Valagro has always been reputed for,” said Corey Huck, Global Head of the merger company. Huck added that this acquisition reinforces their’ strategy to provide farmers more complementary product and technology choices. It also marks their determination for sustainable agriculture.

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Syngenta Biologicals is backed by its top-notch research and development, commercial capabilities, six global production sites, and over 1,100 employees. The company is fixed to leverage its profound knowledge of farmers’ needs to deliver innovations in this field. Syngenta Biologicals’ expanding portfolio already includes TAEGRO®, a biofungicide against a wide range of major soil-borne and foliar diseases; MEGAFOL®, a biostimulant that helps crops manage stress, and VIXERAN®, a foliar-applied biofertiliser. It is also actively forging collaborations aimed at rapidly expanding its offering of biologicals with a variety of applications including foliar, seed treatments, combinations with fertilisers as well as non-agricultural uses.

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Cover image courtesy of Syngenta YouTube. Text image courtesy of GreenPlanet.net

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