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South Sudanese Entrepreneur Kuena James Revolutionizes Agriculture with Innovative Agritech Venture

by Beuuy Sanga
  • Kuena James, a South Sudanese entrepreneur, created an agritech app that connects small farmers with rentable farm equipment.
  • James’ participation in the UNITAR program equipped him with valuable skills and inspired him by Hiroshima’s recovery.
  • The app addresses challenges like limited resources and tech illiteracy by providing affordable access to equipment and guidance.
  • James is determined to collaborate and contribute to a better agricultural future for South Sudan.

Kuena James, a passionate entrepreneur from South Sudan, is working to revolutionize the country’s agricultural sector. James’ agritech venture connects small-scale farmers with those willing to rent out farming equipment and land, fostering a win-win situation for all involved.
Empowered by UNITAR: James’ journey gained momentum after participating in the UNITAR program Great Ideas Space 2023. The program equipped him with practical skills in project management, risk mitigation, and entrepreneurial resilience.

His visit to Japan as part of the program was particularly inspiring, especially his visit to the Hiroshima Peace Park. James’ determination to improve his country is fueled by the remarkable recovery of Hiroshima.

A Solution for Multiple Challenges:
South Sudan’s agriculture sector faces several hurdles, including limited resources, fragmented land ownership, and a lack of tech literacy among farmers. James’ app addresses these challenges by providing affordable access to essential equipment and resources.

Additionally, a dedicated team of field agents helps guide farmers in using the app.

Looking Forward:
James doesn’t shy away from future challenges. He plans to collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture and NGOs to maximize the potential of his agritech solution.
His ultimate goal? To ensure every endeavour he undertakes contributes to a better South Sudan and the world at large. James’ story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, urging them to take action and create positive change.

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