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Sentera Introduces Transformative Aerial Weed Detection for Precision Farming

by Victor Adeyemi
Sentera Introduces Transformative Aerial Weed Detection for Precision Farming
  • Sentera, a US-based agriculture company, is using a technology called Aerial WeedScout to enhance precision weed management. 
  • The technology helps farmers deliver precise, targeted herbicide prescriptions within  24 hours. 
  • In 2024, the program will cover over 10,000 acres across Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

In a move to transform how precision agriculture is done, Sentera, has announced the launch of an Early Access Program for its cutting-edge solution, Aerial WeedScout. 

Partnering with major agribusinesses and farmers, this initiative is a strategic move to gather valuable feedback and build momentum for the 2025  commercial release of this breakthrough technology in collaboration with key go-to-market partners. 

Speaking on this Innovative approach, Brian Wenngatz,  CEO of Sentera, said, “We want to empower farmers and their advisors to take action based on timely, detailed field-level insights, not assumptions. With Aerial WeedScout, we’re helping farmers with weed management decisions based on  field data, optimising sprayer logistics, and maximising non-residual herbicide cost savings.”

The Purpose: Need for Effective Weed Management

Weed management has long been a thorn in the side of farmers, made worse by the growing issue of herbicide resistance and stricter regulations. Traditional methods often rely on assumptions and can lead to wasted resources and higher costs. To address this issue, Sentera embarked on a mission to develop a game-changing solution.

The Solution: Aerial WeedScout

At the heart of Sentera’s offering is Aerial WeedScout, an advanced precision weed management platform. This technology redefines smart, sustainable farming and transforms precision weed management by enabling farmers and their advisors to quickly detect weeds as small as  0.25 inches across their fields. 

Brian Wenngatz, CEO of Sentera, emphasised the platform’s unique value proposition, stating, “We’ve invested significantly in precision georeferencing technology, high-resolution imagery, and deep learning algorithms to build and commercialise a remote-sensing platform that will redefine weed management and achieve rapid ROI for farmers.”

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The “know before you go” approach empowers farmers with detailed, plant-level insights via precise weed maps before making weed management decisions. As a result, it allows for optimised herbicide choices and ensures targeted and effective weed control while maximising cost savings. 

Sentera aerial weed detector

Furthermore, the Aerial WeedScout delivers precise, plant-level data and targeted herbicide prescriptions within  24 hours and at the same time, it can be executed through any precision sprayer.

As Eric Taipale, CTO of Sentera, explained, “With Aerial WeedScout, we’re able to cover acres at a rate comparable to a full-speed sprayer while pinpointing weed size and locations with incredible precision.”

Investment Details

Industry leaders have seen the big changes that Aerial WeedScout can bring. So, many important companies are supporting Sentera. The Early Access Program, which will start this summer, has already secured collaborations with major companies that make inputs from multinational input companies, equipment providers, retailers, and some farmers. 

Notably, these partners represent more than two-thirds of the U.S. corn and soybean seed market and more than half of the U.S. agricultural equipment market. In 2024 alone, the program will cover over 10,000 acres across Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Eric Taipale, Sentera’s CTO, said, “As we plan how to get Aerial WeedScout to farmers, working with experienced industry leaders who understand how our technology is helping us figure out the best way to benefit growers the most.”

The Impact and Future Plans 

Through its continued commitment to innovation and the development of breakthrough precision agriculture technologies, Sentera is making precision agriculture tools more accessible and profitable for farmers. 

As the company gears up for the commercial launch of Aerial WeedScout in 2025, Sentera’s vision for a comprehensive, remote-based precision management platform delivering actionable insights before taking action is already taking shape. No doubt, it will usher in a new era of smart, sustainable, and profitable farming.

About Sentera


Sentera is at the forefront of the precision agriculture industry, pioneering innovative technologies that are transforming farming. The company’s advanced platform leverages cutting-edge sensors, aerial imagery, and AI to tackle the most challenging agronomic issues. 

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