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Revolutionising Rice Processing: Hefei Taihe Launches Cutting-Edge AI Colour Sorters

by Rafiat Damilola Ogunyemi
Revolutionising Rice Processing: Hefei Taihe Launches Cutting-Edge AI Colour Sorters
  • Hefei Taihe introduces state-of-the-art AI colour sorters, poised to revolutionise the rice processing industry by enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • These advanced AI colour sorters utilise sophisticated algorithms to precisely identify and separate discoloured or defective rice grains, ensuring superior quality control.
  • The implementation of AI technology in rice sorting promises to significantly reduce waste and improve yield, benefiting both producers and consumers.
  • Hefei Taihe’s innovative solution reflects the growing trend of integrating artificial intelligence in agriculture, paving the way for smarter, more sustainable food processing practices.

Hefei Taihe Intelligent Technology Group Co., Ltd., leveraging 20 years of expertise in colour selection, proudly introduces the AI Intelligent Selection Observation Pro Series rice colour sorters. These advanced machines offer precise sorting for various rice types, including japonica, indica, glutinous, brown, and red rice, transforming the rice processing industry.

Key features of the AI Intelligent Selection Observation Pro Series include:

Revolutionising Rice Processing: Hefei Taihe Launches Cutting-Edge AI Colour Sorters
Image Source: Made-in-China

Precision and Performance: Developed with hundreds of algorithms, these sorters use dual-selection for shape and colour, boasting a sorting precision of 0.15mm and a high resolution of 35 million pixels. A new shape selection algorithm ensures superior quality for every grain.
Enhanced Efficiency: With an upgraded modular structure, the sorters achieve a 3-5 times load increase, a 30% improvement in feeding and removal systems, and a 50% enhancement in dust removal. Maximum output per board reaches 3.5 tons/hour, significantly boosting production efficiency.
Versatile Models: Models 6SXM-630V, 6SXM-720V, and 6SXM-900V cater to various processing capacities from 17.5-24.5 tons/hour to 25.0-35.0 tons/hour, ensuring a perfect fit for different production lines.
Energy Efficiency: The machines operate with total power ranging from 3.9kW to 5.4kW, a power supply voltage of AC220V±5%, air pressure of 0.5-0.8MPa, and air consumption of 4.5-7.5m³/min, optimising energy use and reducing costs.

User-Friendly Design: Designed for easy installation and mobility, these machines adapt to various production environments, ensuring ease of use.

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Hefei Taihe’s commitment to quality is reflected in nearly a thousand rigorous inspection procedures, guaranteeing consistent performance and meticulous screening. The company also offers comprehensive 24/7 online support, real-time cloud-based response, user file management, tracking services, and intelligent device interconnection for remote operations.
Hefei Taihe promises ongoing technological innovation, delivering the latest and best products to meet the evolving needs of the rice processing industry.

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