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REDUCED Secures €6M to Upcycle Food Waste into Flavorful Ingredients

by Beuuy Sanga

▪︎ This technology transforms food and agriculture industry byproducts into high-quality, natural food ingredients, presenting a sustainable alternative to traditional ingredient sourcing.

▪︎The company’s innovative approach aims to extract unique umami flavours more cost-effectively and with a smaller CO2 footprint.

▪︎ product lineup showcases the potential of overlooked resources, featuring items like organic chicken stock from retired laying hens and vegetable stock from produce rejected by supermarkets due to aesthetic standards.

Broad Industry Impact

Currently serving over 100 food service businesses and collaborating with leading food ingredient suppliers, REDUCED is poised for significant expansion. The fresh funding will support technological advancements, broaden the savoury ingredient selection, enhance production facilities, and bolster the company’s market presence.

Commitment to Environmental and Gastronomic Excellence:

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Co-founder Emil Munck de Voss emphasises the transformative potential of the investment, aiming to extend their product range and reinforce their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and optimising food production side streams.

This ambition aligns with REDUCED goal to influence the food industry positively by offering unique and sustainable flavour solutions.

Investor Confidence and Support.

The funding round showcases the strong backing from notable investors, including Novo Holdings, a significant player in sustainable investment, and Einar Willumsen, a century-old Nordic flavour house with a rich history in taste innovation. Rockstart Agrifood’s continued support underscores REDUCED impact and potential in the agrifood tech startup ecosystem.

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