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Nufarm and IBI-Ag Forge Partnership for Bioinsecticide Advancements in Sustainable Agriculture

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  • Nufarm, a crop protection company, has entered into a collaboration with IBI-Ag, a bio-pest control company. 
  • Nufarm will gain exclusive rights to further develop and potentially commercialise specific bioinsecticide candidates discovered by IBI-Ag.
  • The collaboration with IBI-Ag is aligned with Nufarm’s strategy of seeking partnerships and collaborations to access innovative solutions.

Australian Nufarm has announced a collaboration with IBI-Ag, a bio-pest control company. Under the agreement, Nufarm, a global crop protection and seed technology company, will receive exclusive rights to further develop and possibly commercialise specified bioinsecticide candidates discovered by IBI-Ag

Established over 100 years ago, Nufarm provides crop protection and innovative solutions to farmers and other stakeholders. It is the first company to develop and commercialise plant-based Omega-3 and has developed and commercialised advanced bioenergy feedstock technology. The company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. As an agricultural-biologicals company, IBI-Ag develops single-domain antibody insecticides which increase crop production and are safe for farmers, consumers, and the environment.  

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“We are thrilled about this exciting new collaboration with Nufarm, a renowned global leader in providing crop protection and seeds solutions”, said Arnon Heyman, the CEO of IBI-Ag. “This partnership signifies a significant milestone for IBI-Ag, as it not only showcases our remarkable technological advancements but also underlines the strength of our product-market alignment and our comprehensive go-to-market strategy. By joining forces with Nufarm, we are confident that we will be able to amplify our impact in the agricultural sector and further contribute to the advancement of sustainable farming practices.”

“Innovation and technology are the cornerstones of our future, and we focus on partnerships and collaborations to ensure we can access innovative solutions for our customers”, said Rico Christensen, Group Executive Portfolio, Nufarm. “This agreement gives us yet another avenue to provide better solutions to farmers now, and in the future.”

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