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London-based vertical farming company ventures into space cultivation

by Rafiat Damilola Ogunyemi
London-based vertical farming company ventures into space cultivation
  • London-based vertical farming company pioneers space agriculture, breaking new ground by venturing into orbit to cultivate crops.
  • Vertical farming techniques adapted for low-Earth orbit, marking a significant advancement in agricultural innovation.
  • Initiative aims to explore alternative solutions for sustainable food production beyond Earth’s surface.
  • London’s vertical farming company sets the stage for a new era of space farming, positioning itself at the forefront of this emerging industry.

A London based agricultural technology company has secured a £1.5 million grant from the UK Space Agency to drive forward its visionary project: the development of an in-orbit space farm.

Spearheaded by Vertical Future, known for its expertise in vertical farming and cutting-edge technology, this launching initiative has received funding as part of the UK Space Agency’s allocation of grants to 11 projects nationwide.

The project aims to transform Vertical Future’s established controlled-environment agriculture systems into a sample suitable for the unique challenges of low-Earth orbit. 

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Image Source: Plug and Play Tech Centre

These systems will find their home aboard the first commercial space station, currently under construction by Axiom Space and slated for orbit by 2026.

Dr. Jen Bromley, Chief Scientific Officer and lead of the autonomous agriculture project at Vertical Future, highlighted the importance of this endeavor, envisioning a new frontier in space agriculture.

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 “As we venture further into space, the necessary sustainably produce essential resources grows. Plants have the potential to serve as biofactories, fulfilling diverse needs ranging from food to biomaterials and medicines. However, achieving reliable off-Earth cultivation at scale remains a challenge yet to be conquered,” she explained.

The autonomous agriculture project positions Vertical Future and the UK at the forefront of innovation, shaping and leading a burgeoning sector within the commercial space industry: Agri-space.

The technological advancements driven by this project promise far-reaching benefits beyond space exploration. 

With over 30,000 space-tech innovations making their way into everyday life since the 1950s – including household essentials like cordless tools and memory foam. Vertical Future anticipates that the technologies refined through this endeavor will significantly enhance productivity and efficiency in controlled-environment agriculture back on Earth.

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