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LettUs Grow, Valoya India Partner to Revolutionise Indoor Farming in India and the Middle East

by Kehinde Giwa
  • LettUs Grow and Valoya India have partnered to introduce advanced aeroponic technology to India and the Middle East for indoor farming.
  • Valoya India becomes LettUs Grow’s second licensee under their global partnership program, aiming to optimise crop production and water efficiency for vertical farming.
  • The collaboration leverages LettUs Grow’s aeroponic expertise and Valoya India’s LED lighting solutions to enhance yields and crop quality in controlled environment agriculture.
  • The partnership focuses on conducting crop growth trials in Noida, UP, to customise aeroponic systems for local needs and promote sustainable farming practices in response to climate challenges and resource scarcity.

LettUs Grow and Valoya India have joined forces to introduce cutting-edge aeroponic technology to India and the Middle East, optimising crop production for indoor growers. 

As part of LettUs Grow’s global partnership program, Valoya India becomes the second licensee of LettUs Grow’s advanced aeroponic irrigation systems.

This collaboration aims to enhance yields, crop quality, and water efficiency for vertical farming companies in these dynamic markets. Leveraging LettUs Grow’s expertise in aeroponics and Valoya India’s manufacturing prowess, the partnership will advance controlled environment agriculture (CEA) across India and the Middle East.

Valoya India, known for pioneering LED lighting solutions tailored for horticulture, brings extensive experience and a commitment to maximising plant growth. With over 700 plant trials spanning 300+ species, Valoya is poised to drive innovation in CEA.

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In a rapidly changing agricultural landscape marked by climate challenges and resource scarcity, this partnership seeks to bolster food security while promoting sustainable farming practices. Charlie Guy, CEO of LettUs Grow, underscores the importance of empowering farmers and conserving resources through this strategic collaboration.

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Crop growth trials conducted by LettUs Grow and Valoya at Valoya India labs in Noida, UP, will tailor aeroponic technology to local needs, showcasing its potential to transform farming practices in the region.

“We are thrilled to partner with LettUs Grow to introduce their unique aeroponics to the growing CEA sector across India and the Middle East. Combined with Valoya’s cutting edge LED lighting solutions and spectrums for horticulture applications, we believe it could be an extremely beneficial and advantageous turnkey solution for all our clients.” said Dhruv Mahajan, Vice President at Valoya India. 

Mahajan added: “We are very excited to conduct, observe and document the results of our combined trials and develop tailor-made solutions for a host of crops/plants suited to the India and Middle East Markets as a starting point to our collaboration.” 

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