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Latin American AI Startups Utilise Data for Sustainable Farming

by Rafiat Damilola Ogunyemi
Latin American AI Startups Utilise Data for Sustainable Farming
  • Latin American AI startups are leveraging data analytics to optimise farming practices, promoting sustainability by reducing resource waste and environmental impact.
  • These startups utilise machine learning algorithms to analyse crop data, monitor soil health, and predict disease outbreaks, enabling farmers to make informed decisions and improve crop yields.
  • By integrating IoT technologies, Latin American AI startups enable precision agriculture, allowing for targeted resource allocation, efficient irrigation, and minimised chemical usage.
  • Through innovative applications of AI, these startups contribute to the development of resilient food systems in Latin America, addressing challenges such as climate change, soil degradation, and water scarcity.

Latin American agriculture is undergoing a transformative revolution, powered by innovative AI startups that are reshaping the industry’s landscape.

These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimise farming practices, increase efficiency, and promote sustainability across the region.

One of such trailblazers is Greeneye Technology, a pioneer in AI-enabled precision spraying technology. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Greeneye has successfully raised $20 million in funding to accelerate its expansion and technological advancements.

This expansion is facilitated by Israeli investment company Deep Insight. This funding signifies a significant milestone for Greeneye as it prepares to scale its operations in the United States and enhance the analytical capabilities of its technology.

Greeneye’s mission is to reduce the excessive use of agricultural chemicals globally by employing AI to precisely target weeds, minimising environmental impact and maximising efficiency.

Unlike traditional broadcast spraying methods, Greeneye’s solution applies chemicals only where necessary, directly onto weeds, thus reducing soil and water pollution, combating herbicide resistance, and lowering chemical levels in food.

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Meanwhile, Greeneye’s technology seamlessly integrates with existing commercial sprayers, eliminating the need for costly equipment upgrades. Its dual line/tank configuration enables both precision and broadcast spraying simultaneously, enhancing productivity and efficacy.

With plans to deploy dozens more systems in farmers’ fields targeting 200 million acres of corn, soybean, and cotton in the U.S., Greeneye is poised to lead the charge in sustainable agriculture.

Barak Ben Eliezer, Managing Partner at Deep Insight, emphasises the significance of Greeneye’s contribution to building safe and resilient food systems. By investing in disruptive technologies like Greeneye’s, Deep Insight aims to support innovative solutions that address the world’s most pressing challenges.

In addition to Greeneye, Latin America boasts a vibrant ecosystem of AI startups revolutionising agriculture. These startups utilise data analytics, machine learning, and IoT technologies to empower farmers with actionable insights, optimise resource allocation, and improve crop yields.

From Brazil to Mexico, startups like Agrosmart, XAGRO, and EOS Crop Monitoring are leveraging AI to monitor soil health, predict crop diseases, and optimise irrigation schedules. By utilising the power of data, these companies are empowering farmers to make informed decisions, reduce waste, and increase profitability.

As concerns over food security, environmental sustainability, and economic resilience continue to grow, the role of AI startups in transforming agriculture becomes increasingly vital. By utilising data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology, these startups are driving innovation, promoting sustainability, and revolutionising the future of farming in Latin America and beyond.

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