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John Deere Sets New Standards in Forest Machinery Operations with Latest H Series Launch

by Kehinde Giwa
  • Debut of cutting-edge forestry equipment at Helsinki launch event, promising enhanced efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.
  • John Deere’s H Series harvesters and forwarders set new standards in productivity and performance, backed by significant R&D investments.
  • Expanded lineup includes 20-ton and 25-ton forwarders, offering versatility to meet diverse operational needs in forestry.
  • Innovative features like increased engine power, advanced hydraulics, and stability enhancements demonstrate John Deere’s commitment to improving forestry operations.

John Deere made a splash in Helsinki with the debut of its latest forestry equipment, showcasing cutting-edge technology for timber harvesting and forwarding. 

Unveiled at a prestigious launch event, the H Series harvesters and forwarders promise enhanced efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, improved stability, and superior operator comfort.

These innovative machines represent a significant leap forward in forest machinery operations, with John Deere touting them as setting new standards in productivity and performance. 

The company’s substantial investments in research, development, and technology aim to elevate business outcomes for forestry professionals.

Among the standout models are the 1270H and 1470H harvesters, alongside the 2010H and 2510H forwarders. Notably, the forwarder lineup now includes the 20-ton capacity 2010H and the 25-ton capacity 2510H, offering expanded options to meet diverse operational needs.

The H Series harvesters boast engines delivering 10% more power and torque, complemented by advanced hydraulics featuring three dedicated pumps for increased output and efficiency.

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A key innovation, the Active Frame Lock, enhances stability during operations on steep or level terrain, providing operators with greater maneuverability and workspace flexibility.

The 20-ton and 25-ton forwarders introduce a significant 25% boost in load capacity, with the 2510H model incorporating a twin motor driveline that enables speeds 50% faster than previous models—an optional upgrade for the 2010H forwarder.

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Further enhancements include an extended reach of 10.2 metres for the F10 boom and 10.7 metres for the F9 boom, supported by upgraded hydraulic systems for improved performance and durability.

John Deere’s redesign of boom geometry, featuring five joint connections between main and jib booms, ensures optimal control and precision in load handling—a critical advantage in demanding forestry environments.

To enhance functionality on steep slopes, the backward tilt angle of 22 degrees improves boom slewing, demonstrating John Deere’s commitment to empowering forestry professionals with advanced, adaptable equipment for efficient timber management.

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