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Italian Plant-Based Cheese Startup Dreamfarm Secures €5 Million Funding for Expansion

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Dreamfarm secures 15M funding - Agritech Digest
  • Dreamfarm secures €5 million in funding led by entrepreneurs, Giampaolo Cagnin and Francesco Mutti.
  • Dreamfarm specialises in almond-based alternatives to dairy cheese, offering products with minimal environmental impact and low saturated fat content.
  • The funding will be used to establish a modern production facility in Sala Baganza, supporting international expansion and the development of a wider range of plant-based cheese products.

Italian plant-based cheese startup, Dreamfarm, has secured €5M in funding for its almond-based alternative products to dairy. The funding round was led by entrepreneurs, Giampaolo Cagnin, founder of Italiana Ingredienti, Campus, and Hi-Food, and Francesco Mutti, CEO of the Mutti Group.

Through research and innovation, Dreamfarm has created plant-based alternatives to cheese made from the fermentation of almond paste. The startup was founded by Maddalena Zanoni and Mattia Sandei in 2021 and launched its first line of products – vegan mozzarella and spreadable cheese alternatives – in May 2023. The company aims to create healthy and sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment. 

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“Dreamfarm’s alternative to mozzarella is an innovative product with less than 1% saturated fat, making it appealing to consumers increasingly conscious of sustainability and nutritional profiles, but unwilling to compromise on the goodness of a typically Italian product,” said Dreamfarm CEO Giovanni Menozzi. “It’s a dream come true to create a venture like Dreamfarm right here and have entrepreneurs of this calibre as part of our team. The sector is experiencing significant growth, and we are confident that we can make a global impact with the type of products we have and will continue to develop.”

With new funding, Dreamfarm will establish an ultra-modern facility in Sala Baganza. The facility will accommodate customised machinery that would serve the company’s production processes and set precedence for further international expansion, as well as broaden its range of products. 

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