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Genica Secures $12 Million Investment Led by Mitsubishi to Expand Ag Biologicals Leadership in Brazil

by Kehinde Giwa
  • Genica, based in Brazil, raises R$68 million ($12 million) led by Mitsubishi’s Agrex group, with Banco do Brasil participating via Vox Capital.
  • Founded in 2015 by Fernando Reis and Prof. Dr. Carlos Labate, Genica specializes in bio-based agricultural products like bio-inoculants and bio-pesticides.
  • The funding will advance Genica’s third-generation bio-pesticides, using microorganism metabolites for faster and more effective pest control, addressing issues such as soybean rust.
  • Genica plans international expansion with Mitsubishi’s Agrex, promoting sustainable agriculture through its REGENERA system, integrating biological products and digital tools for optimized farm management and soil health.

Genica, a pioneering ag biologicals company based in Brazil, has raised R$68 million ($12 million) in what is considered the largest transaction of its kind in the country this year. 

Mitsubishi’s Agrex group led the investment round, with participation from Banco do Brasil through its corporate venture fund managed by Vox Capital.

Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Fernando Reis and Prof. Dr. Carlos Labate from the University of São Paulo, Genica specializes in bio-based products for agriculture. 

These products include bio-inoculants to enhance nutrient uptake, bio-stimulants for plant physiology management, and bio-pesticides for pest and disease control, particularly targeting crops like soybean, corn, and sugarcane.

The investment will bolster Genica’s efforts to advance its third-generation products, focusing on bio-pesticides developed from microorganism metabolites rather than biomass. 

This innovation promises faster and more effective solutions in the field, addressing challenges such as soybean rust, which can devastate crops and incur substantial economic losses.

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Looking ahead, Genica plans to expand its market reach beyond Brazil and Paraguay, leveraging its strategic partnership with Mitsubishi’s Agrex to explore international distribution opportunities. The company also aims to promote sustainable agriculture practices through its comprehensive system approach, known as REGENERA, which integrates biological products with digital tools to optimize farm management and enhance soil health.

The investment underscores Genica’s commitment to revolutionizing agriculture with bio-based solutions and its readiness to navigate global markets while advancing sustainability and profitability for farmers.Read Also: AI Palette Secures $5.7 Million for Expansion, Introduces FoodGPT Chatbot

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