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Ethiopia’s Eastern Hararghe Zone Records Summer Wheat Harvest

by Kehinde Giwa
  • Eastern Hararghe Zone in Ethiopia witnesses a surge in summer wheat production. The zone expects to harvest a record-breaking 2.3 million quintals of wheat this year.
  • This surge is attributed to a strategic focus on agriculture: This includes expanding farmland, implementing innovative farming techniques, and investing in irrigation.
  • The zone also reports progress in other areas: These include increased forest cover (14.5%) and commitment to peace and security.
  • Citizen-centred initiatives are also highlighted: Over the past five years, the zone invested in building homes, schools, and providing other services valued at 53.7 billion Birr.

With an anticipated harvest of 2.3 million quintals this fiscal year, the Eastern Hararghe Zone in Ethiopia reported that summer wheat output has increased at an unprecedented rate.

Zone’s Deputy Chief Administrator Ayalew Takele disclosed in an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the farmers in the zone have been hard at work growing a variety of products, including wheat, coffee, maize, nuts, and other commodities.

The summer wheat effort, in particular, has advanced remarkably, and this year the zone is expected to produce an incredible 2.3 million quintals from 96,000 hectares of land, he said.

“The zone’s strategic focus on expanding agricultural opportunities and implementing innovative farming techniques has resulted in significant growth and increased productivity. Through effectively utilising 16,000 and 32,000 hectares of land for the past two years respectively, it was able to achieve yields of 30 and 58 quintals of wheat per hectare,” he said.

However, Ayalew said that over the previous six months, substantial investments were made in irrigation and green legacy initiatives, allowing the zone to plant 45 million seedlings.

He emphasised that this work has strengthened the forest cover, which currently stands at an astounding 14.5 percent, in addition to contributing to greater output.

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Ayalew also emphasised the zone’s dedication to upholding peace and fighting the trafficking of illicit goods.

In order to provide a calm climate that is conducive to recruiting investors, a slogan of “Protect me, I will protect you” has been adopted through the combined efforts of numerous stakeholders, including women, youth, religious leaders, and security organisations, he noted.

According to him, throughout the previous five years, the Zone has committed itself to offering citizen-based services valued at roughly 53.7 billion Birr in collaboration with its citizens and stakeholders.

Notably, this includes the construction of 11,972 homes and 1,533 schools, he said, adding that it demonstrates the commitment to improving living conditions and access to education.

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