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EcoBalance Global, KazBeef, and rTek Collaborate to Launch Innovative Climate-Smart Beef Pilot at COP28

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  • EcoBalance Global, Kazbeef, and rTek have announced a partnership at COP28 in Dubai. 
  • The collaboration aims to establish the first-ever pilot ranch outside the United States, focusing on carbon reduction and storage in livestock production.
  • The joint initiative aims to deliver climate-smart beef by utilising carbon insets supported by third-party validation and blockchain technology. 

EcoBalance Global, a US-based carbon reduction and storage programme, has partnered with Kazbeef, a subsidiary of Kusto Group, and rTek, a Rakurs Consulting Group company, to launch the first-ever pilot ranch outside of the United States. 

The pilot was launched at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28) in Dubai, UAE, following a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by all parties. The partnership will see the delivery of the first-of-its-kind climate-smart beef, using carbon insets supported by 3rd party validation and blockchain technology. Among the goals of this launch is to ensure that livestock production can achieve a net-zero solution with carbon emissions. 

All three companies are committed, through their practices, to reducing global carbon emissions: EcoBalance Global develops projects that biologically enhance the soil, remove and store carbon, and increase productivity for farmers and landowners, using a Soil Carbon Sequestration and Storage Framework (Framework). Based in Kazakhstan, KazBeef is a vertically integrated group of companies which produces marbled beef, while rTek is a member of the Rakurs Consulting Group, which has been providing sustainable technology solutions in Kazakhstan since 2018.  

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KazBeef’s 10-year pilot project will leverage EcoBalance Global’s Framework, with a specialised rotational grazing programme for farms and ranches, that allows for increased carbon capture in the soil, using machine learning satellite technology, backed by the Framework’s carbon trade and risk management platform, in conjunction with blockchain, to monitor sustainable land management and accuracy in carbon accounting. rTek will support the pilot programme with its expertise in remote sensing and MRV development, particularly in precision agriculture.

Tellan Steffan, EcoBalance Global said: “We are delighted to launch the pilot project with the signing of the MoU with our partners at KazBeef and rTek at COP28. This program will enable Kazakh farmers to have the world’s first working carbon storage project on their land that can be scaled and the means to create and market low-carbon beef products.

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One-third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are generated from food systems, and it is hoped that the EcoBalance Framework can offer a comprehensive solution for the reduction of carbon emissions in the agricultural sector and establish a template that can be scaled globally.” 

Yerkin Tatishev, the Chairman of Kusto Group, commented: “Kazbeef is a pioneer in environmentally conscious farming and ranching practices. Through this new partnership, we are leading the way in carbon capture in agriculture thanks to our partnership with EcoBalance Global. It is my hope that our efforts can be a model to many others and I am delighted that this has also been recognised through our participation in Kazakhstan’s pavilion at COP28.

“COP28 offers a unique opportunity to discuss the ongoing transition in global food production and farming, and I am proud that KazBeef will play an integral role in creating a more sustainable future for us all.”

Dosym Kydyrbayev, Managing Partner, Rakurs Consulting Group, said: “As we embrace the challenges and opportunities of environmental sustainability in Kazakhstan, it’s crucial to recognise the pivotal role of innovative technologies and data-driven approaches. Companies like rTek are at the forefront of this transformation, offering vital solutions in soil sampling, MRV, standards adoption, and QA processes for carbon projects.

To advance Kazakhstan’s decarbonisation goals, the private sector must commit to long-term collaboration with governments, local, and international bodies. With this project and others, we aim to support our nation’s ecological goals but also to position Kazakhstan as a leader in climate action and sustainable development.”

Cover Photo: EcoBalance Global

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