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DRG4Food Open Call #2: Secure Up to €300,000 to Transform Food Systems with Digital Solutions

by Victor Adeyemi

The DRG4Food Open Call #2 is offering a major funding opportunity for startups, SMEs, research organisations, and NGOs in the agritech sector. This initiative aims to boost trust, transparency, and responsibility in the food system through innovative digital solutions.

Funding Information

  • Total Funding Pool: €1.9 million is allocated for the entire DRG4Food Open Call series.
  • Current Open Call Budget: €973,134.50 is dedicated to Open Call #2.
  • Grant Size: Applicants can request between €150,000 and €300,000. Importantly, these grants are equity-free, meaning recipients do not have to give up any ownership stake in their ventures.

Focus Areas

DRG4Food is seeking projects that address key challenges in the food sector through data-driven and responsible digital technologies. The three main focus areas are:

Food Tracking

  • Projects should enhance food traceability across the supply chain, from production to consumption.
  • Solutions should consider environmental impacts (e.g., CO2 emissions, waste) and societal factors (e.g., fair farmer incomes).

Targeted Nutrition

  • Innovations should provide personalised dietary recommendations. 
  • Factors include behavioural and emotional influences on eating habits, dietary preferences, and lifestyle choices.

Consumers’ Food Choices

  • Projects should aim to improve consumer literacy about the nutritional and environmental impacts of their food choices.
  • The goal is to help consumers make healthier, sustainable, and affordable dietary decisions.

Eligibility and Application

  • Applicants must form a consortium of 2-3 partners from eligible countries. At least one partner must be from an EU member state.
  • Startups, SMEs, research organisations, universities, and NGOs are encouraged to apply. Each consortium should ideally combine diverse capabilities, from technology development to user engagement in the food sector.
  • Applicants must be legally established in EU member states, associated countries (such as Israel, Türkiye, Norway, and Serbia), or countries participating in Horizon Europe initiatives.

Application Process

  • Deadline: June 21, 2024.
  • Submissions should demonstrate the potential to advance digital transformation in the food system and align with DRG4Food’s goals of openness, user-centricity, and trust.

For more information and to send in your application, visit DRG4FOOD

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