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DHP Biological Poised to Shake Up the Biofertilizer Market with Prime Technology

by Beuuy Sanga
  • DPH Biologicals, a leading agricultural biologicals company, has unveiled its Prime platform, a new technology that promises to revolutionize the performance of beneficial bacteria for crops.
  • Prime utilizes a patented process to significantly accelerate the germination of Bacillus spores, a type of bacteria that promotes plant growth and resilience.
  • This faster germination leads to more consistent performance of these biologicals, even under stressful conditions like heat, drought, high alkaline levels, and saline soil.
  • DPH Bio has already integrated Prime into several existing products, with more to come in the following crop seasons.

DPH Biologicals has made a significant stride in the agricultural biologicals market with the launch of its innovative Prime platform.

This new technology addresses a long-standing challenge in the industry, which is the inconsistent performance of beneficial bacteria products under varying environmental conditions.

Prime’s core function lies in its ability to rapidly accelerate the germination of Bacillus spores, a key type of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR).

These bacteria exist in a dormant state within spores until favourable conditions trigger their germination and colonisation of plant roots.

By significantly speeding up this process, Prime ensures a more consistent and robust population of beneficial bacteria around the plant roots.

This enhanced bacterial presence translates to several benefits for crops. Plants treated with Prime-based products exhibit stronger overall development and improved resilience against various environmental stressors, including heat, drought, and harsh soil conditions with high alkalinity or salinity.

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Historically, biological products have faced criticism for their inconsistent performance.

Prime has the potential to be a game-changer by offering growers a reliable and effective solution for incorporating beneficial bacteria into their crop management strategies.

It has already begun integrating Prime into its existing TerraTrove product line, with Envelix Prime available this fall and Essential Prime PAK slated for the 2025 crop season.

DPH Biologicals‘ Prime platform marks a significant advancement in the field of agricultural biologicals.

By ensuring consistent performance of beneficial bacteria, Prime has the potential to improve crop yields, enhance plant health, and empower growers with a powerful tool for sustainable farming practices.

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