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CIP Launches AI Agriculture Hackathon

by Beuuy Sanga

▪︎The International Potato Center (CIP) launched a unique hackathon – the AI-agriculture Challenge. This event aims to tackle global hunger and poverty by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in agriculture.

▪︎This hackathon offers a chance for innovators and problem-solvers to develop AI solutions for agricultural challenges. Participants can work on themes like biodiversity, crop improvement, and sustainable food systems. Winners can receive cash prizes, internships, and even opportunities to implement their solutions

▪︎The AI-agriculture Challenge encourages collaboration across the globe. It allows both remote and on-site participation, aiming to create a positive impact on agricultural communities worldwide.

Total Impactful Prize Pool: USD 20,000 to be awarded! Can be awarded to one team or distributed across categories according to the judges’ discretion.

The AI-agriculture Challenge Hackathon, a ground-breaking project focused on utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to address global difficulties in agriculture, was recently launched by the International Potato Center (CIP).

Hackathon is a call to apply AI as a revolutionary force to alleviate hunger and poverty while also making a long-term change in agriculture.

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This event, aligned with the CIP2030 goal, serves as a venue for leveraging AI approaches to promote good change.

Participants will delve into four impactful tracks aligned with CIP’s Science Goals such as biodiversity, crop improvement, regenerative agriculture, and urban food system, the CIP experts mentioned in their report.

The hackathon format is designed to foster global collaboration while ensuring tangible local impact. It combines remote participation with on-site engagement and seeks to create a ripple effect in agricultural communities worldwide.

Innovation and Technical Excellence will be criteria that teams will be challenged to consider creatively and propose groundbreaking solutions, emphasising the critical role of AI in addressing agricultural challenges.

Participants can win cash prizes, certificates, implementation or scaling opportunities, internships, and invitations to future innovation panels at CIP.

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Total Impactful Prize Pool: $ 20,000 to be awarded! Can be awarded to one team or distributed
across categories according to the judge’s discretion)

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