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BioFactory is Hiring!

by Agritech Digest
BioFactory is Hiring

Opportunity for Engineers

UK-Based engineering and design company, BioFactory, is hiring!

Are you an entrepreneurial engineer with practical/manufacturing experience or experience in the AD sector? 

BioFactory is seeking qualified engineers for the role of 

  • Product Development Engineer
  • Graduate Engineer

BioFactory is a UK-based design and engineering business which offers waste conversion solutions by converting waste to energy. The company specialised in the utilisation of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) for micro-scale applications. The company provides low-cost and easy-to-maintain products and solutions that tackle environmental problems.

BioFactory’s Micro AD Farm ™ product is designed to convert organic material into renewable energy. This is achieved through a system capture process which breaks down the organic material and converts it to useful renewable energy for farms.

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BioFactory has recently completed a successful funding round and is seeking dedicated, passionate, and talented engineers to build its vibrant team, as BioFactory begins another development stage.

Prospective hirees will play a major role in the R&D and Deployment team, and be responsible for: 

  • Preparing system design for manufacture
  • Manufacturing and assembling the company’s systems in the UK
  • Stress testing of systems in the field
  • Working closely with partners and end users to collect feedback data
BioFactory is Hiring
BioFactory has successfully completed a funding round. Image from the company’s LinkedIn page.

BioFactory also offers opportunities for career progression as the company expands.

Send a CV and cover letter to info@biofactory.energy 

Visit the BioFactory Hiring page for more.

Cover Image from BioFactory website

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