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Arla Foods, Volac Whey Nutrition Forge Exciting Partnership

by Kehinde Giwa
  • Arla Foods Ingredients has acquired Volac’s Whey Nutrition division, including subsidiaries, aiming to bolster their global presence in whey-based products.
  • This move positions Arla Foods Ingredients to establish a major production hub at the Felinfach site in Wales, enabling expansion into performance, health, and food sectors.
  • Volac’s specialisation in whey protein for sports nutrition aligns well with Arla’s strategic goals, promising exciting opportunities in an expanding international market.
  • The acquisition reflects Volac’s strategic evolution, providing a springboard for optimal growth in Whey Nutrition and Animal Nutrition, emphasising partnership with aligned values and expertise.

Arla Foods Ingredients has finalised a deal to purchase Volac’s Whey Nutrition division by acquiring its shares. 

This acquisition encompasses Volac Whey Nutrition Holdings Ltd along with its subsidiaries, Volac Whey Nutrition Limited and Volac Renewable Energy Limited.

Volac, based in the UK, specialises in utilising whey for sports nutrition ingredients, with additional by-products sold for food and animal nutrition purposes.

The transaction is expected to be completed later this year pending necessary regulatory approvals. 

Arla Foods Ingredients sees this acquisition as a pivotal move in their future strategy, with plans to establish the Felinfach site in Wales as a global production hub. 

This site will serve as a cornerstone in expanding their product range across performance, health, and food sectors.

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Group vice president and managing director at Arla Foods Ingredients, Luis Cubel said: “This brings together two complementary offerings in a growing and increasingly international space for whey products. Volac is a pioneer in the use of whey protein for performance nutrition and has a wealth of expertise.

“It shares our commitment to helping companies worldwide harness the full potential of whey, and we’re hugely excited about the opportunities that lie ahead,” Cubel added.

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For Volac, this agreement represents a step in its evolution as a family business and provides the “springboard” for the optimal development of the Whey Nutrition business, as well as Volac’s remaining Animal Nutrition business.

Joint owner of Volac, James Neville, said that the whey processing began at the Felinfach site more than 30-years-ago, and the company could not be “prouder” of everything that has been achieved since then.

Nevile added that it was “crucial” for the company to partner with the “right values and expertise” and that Arla Foods Ingredients has the “ambition and the knowledge” to take the business to the next level.

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