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Alltech Appoints Dr. Colm Moran as Chief Regulatory Officer 

by Kehinde Giwa
  • Leadership Appointment: Dr. Colm Moran takes on the role of Chief Regulatory Officer at Alltech, a global Agritech leader with a vast team serving 120 countries.
  • Extensive Experience: With over two decades at Alltech, Dr. Moran’s contributions include navigating regulatory landscapes and crisis leadership, reflecting his deep understanding of agricultural frameworks.
  • Strategic Impact: Dr. Moran’s appointment strengthens Alltech’s regulatory strategy, positioning the company at the forefront of innovation in delivering excellence to customers.
  • Educational Background and Global Engagement: Dr. Moran’s 23-year career in the feed industry is backed by academic achievements, multiple master’s degrees, a Ph.D., and active involvement in global industry leadership, including the board of directors for IFIF.

In a significant development within the realm of global agriculture, Dr. Colm Moran assumes the esteemed position of Chief Regulatory Officer at Alltech, a pioneering force in the Agritech industry, boasting a vast network of over 5,000 team members dedicated to serving customers across 120 countries.

Dr. Moran brings a wealth of experience to this role, having been an integral part of the Alltech family for over two decades. 

His tenure has been marked by notable contributions, including his recent role as the Director of European Regulatory Affairs and Chairman of Alltech’s Crisis Management Team, showcasing his dedication to navigating complex regulatory landscapes and adept crisis leadership.

This strategic appointment underscores Dr. Moran’s deep-rooted understanding of the intricacies of agricultural regulatory frameworks and positions Alltech for continued excellence in its global operations.

“Alltech’s regulatory strategy is moving into new strength under Colm’s leadership,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “This positions Alltech firmly at the leading edge in delivering innovation to our customers.”

With an illustrious career spanning 23 years in the feed industry, Dr. Colm Moran stands as a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in zootechnical studies for the registration of feed additives, particularly for livestock and poultry species.

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Dr. Moran’s academic journey is marked by a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from the University of Wales, Cardiff, complemented by three master’s degrees in food biotechnology, food regulatory affairs, and brewing and distilling from the University of Strathclyde, University of Ulster/University College Dublin, and Heriot-Wyatt University, respectively. His academic pursuit culminated in a Ph.D. in fermentation microbiology from the University of Plymouth.

A prolific contributor to his field, Dr. Moran has authored over 70 peer-reviewed articles and holds two international patents. His insights have been shared on a global stage, as evidenced by his presentations at numerous international conferences. 

Currently based in Marseille, France, Dr. Moran also holds a position on the board of directors for the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF), showcasing his commitment to industry leadership and global collaboration.

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