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AgWare and CamoAg Forge Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Agricultural Workflow Efficiency

by Sybil Fekurumoh
AgWare and CamoAg Forge Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Agricultural Workflow Efficiency
  • US software companies AgWare and CamoAg have formed a strategic partnership that brings together AgWare’s agricultural intelligence and workflow tools with CamoAg’s digital solutions. 
  • This collaboration aims to streamline property details and data management for agricultural enterprises, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • This integration ensures precise data entry and reduces manual errors, particularly in areas like acreage designations, soil ratings, and map assets.

US-based software companies, AgWare and CamoAg, have announced a critical partnership that will prove beneficial to both software platforms. 

AgWare, Inc. is a key player in agricultural intelligence and workflow management solutions, developing and maintaining efficient, and easily adaptable tools for processing agricultural appraisals. CamoAg, based in Illinois, offers digital experiences and solutions to agricultural enterprises, which enables them resolve data management problems and improve internal workflow and customer service. 

The partnership between both software platforms will ensure synchrony of property details, including comparisons of farm sales, subject farms, and corresponding maps, from the CamoAg platform to the AgWare platform. This will result in the integration of key information, such as acreage designations, soil ratings, and map assets directly from CamoAg into AgWare. This will ensure accuracy in data entry, and reduce the lag and errors from carrying out the process manually.

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With both software companies poised to transform the agricultural landscape through increased speed, efficiency, and precision, this collaboration will become the new metric for operational efficiency and decision-making in agriculture and agribusiness. 

Corbett Kull, the CEO of CamoAg commented, “Our mission is to make our customer’s lives easier by solving internal data management and workflow problems. The appraisal process is in the critical path for Ag Lenders and the integration with AgWare creates a seamless workflow, reducing duplicate effort, increasing efficiency, and ensuring access to mission-critical data. We are excited to be working with AgWare, the leader in rural appraisal solutions.”

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Mark Elder of AgWare added, “CamoAg’s expertise in mapping and managing ag-specific data is the perfect complement to our Maven appraisal software. This partnership with CamoAg will offer exciting new capabilities to our customers.”

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