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Agritech Takes Centre Stage at GITEX Africa 2024

by Beuuy Sanga

▪️ GITEX Africa 2024 dedicates a special forum to exploring how technological advancements can transform agricultural practices.

▪️ The forum brings together policymakers, industry leaders, and tech experts to delve into critical areas like digital extension services, climate-smart agriculture, improved market access for farmers, and nurturing innovation in the agritech sector.

▪️ The event promises to be a hub for sharing best practices, fostering collaboration, and exploring the immense potential of agritech to drive agricultural transformation and economic growth across the continent.

Africa’s agricultural sector has long been the cornerstone of its economy as it supports livelihoods and contributes significantly to GDP. According to the World Bank, the agricultural economy employs 65 to 70% of the continent’s labour force and accounts for 30 to 40% of its GDP.

But the sector faces a myriad of obstacles. including climate change, limited access to markets, and outdated farming techniques.

GITEX Africa, the continent’s leading tech and startup event, is shining a spotlight on agritech as a game-changer for African agriculture. The upcoming conference, scheduled for May 29-31 in Marrakech, Morocco, will feature a dedicated forum exploring how technological innovation can revolutionize farming practices across Africa.

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This focus on agritech reflects the growing recognition of its potential to address age-old challenges and usher in a new era of efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in African agriculture.

The forum will convene policymakers, industry leaders, and tech experts to delve into critical areas like:

Digital Extension Services: These services use technology to bridge the information gap between farmers and vital resources like research and best practices.
• Climate-Smart Agriculture: Discussions will explore how technology can help farmers adapt to climate change and build resilience.
• Market Access for Farmers: Improving market access is crucial for African farmers. The forum will explore how agritech solutions can connect them with better markets and fairer prices.
• Fostering Innovation: Creating a supportive ecosystem for agritech startups is essential for long-term success. The forum will address ways to encourage and nurture innovation in the sector.

GITEX Africa 2024 promises to be a platform for crucial discussions shaping the future of African agriculture. The event offers a unique opportunity for stakeholders to share best practices, foster collaboration, and explore the immense potential of agritech to transform the continent’s agricultural landscape

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