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Agri-TechE Hub at Royal Norfolk Show to Showcase Revolutionary Farming Tech

by Rafiat Damilola Ogunyemi
Agri-TechE Hub at Royal Norfolk Show to Showcase Revolutionary Farming Tech
  • The Agri-TechE Hub will feature the latest advancements in agricultural technology, including precision farming tools, smart irrigation systems, and autonomous machinery, demonstrating their potential to transform farming practices.
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with live demonstrations of innovative farming technologies, allowing them to see firsthand how these tools can enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability on the farm.
  • The event will host expert panels and discussions with leading researchers, technologists, and industry professionals, providing insights into the future of agriculture and the role of technology in addressing key challenges.
  • The Agri-TechE Hub will serve as a platform for networking, enabling farmers, agribusinesses, researchers, and technology providers to connect, share knowledge, and explore potential collaborations to drive the adoption of revolutionary farming tech.

Agri-TechE Innovation Hub at the Royal Norfolk Show comes up on June 26-27, 2024, where groundbreaking technologies and ideas are set to revolutionise agriculture. Sponsored by BBRO and curated by Agri-TechE, this hub will showcase innovations designed to enhance sustainable farming practices.

The CLAWS robot from Earth Rover uses concentrated light beams to identify and eliminate weed seedlings without chemicals. Equipped with 3D cameras and advanced AI, this lightweight robot not only targets weeds but also provides precise per-plant crop data.

Developed with Frederick Hiam Ltd, Greenstalk’s smart scarer leverages the Internet of Things to remotely monitor and manage bird scaring devices. This solution integrates data from various farm equipment, enabling real-time management and quick responses via smartphone.

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Image Source: Scientific Beekeeping

With Virus Yellows threatening up to 50% yield loss, BBRO introduces alternatives to neonicotinoid seed treatments. Their ‘Wall of Yellow’ exhibit highlights advances in seed breeding to combat this disease effectively.

The Broads Authority discusses strategies for managing high water tables and utilising excess water from wet winters for dry summer periods. Their FibreBroads project explores alternative crops suitable for wetlands, aiming to balance food production and environmental conservation.

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Ponda presents BioPuff®, a warm, naturally water-repellent alternative to traditional fillers. This eco-friendly insulation is made from fibres extracted from wetland plants like Typha, promoting regenerative agricultural practices.

Harper Adams University showcases metrics for biodiversity net gain, demonstrating how farmers can monetise natural capital. In collaboration with Cranfield University, they explore advanced remote sensing and modelling techniques to manage water flows and enhance land value.

Agri-TechE Director Dr. Belinda Clarke emphasises the importance of collaboration in achieving sustainable production: “Farmers are integral to our organisation, and many of these technologies have been co-developed and tested with them. We look forward to engaging with visitors and shaping the future of agri-tech together.”

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